The Virtual Lindy Hop Tour

A virtual tour of some of my favorite online dance lessons from top instructors around the world

We are in a time, where we can't travel to workshops or parties anymore. We even can not visit our weekly classes.

So now there are a lot of different ways to learn Lindy Hop online and maybe you'd like some help figuring out which online course is right for you.

Over the past 8 years, I've taken many different online courses from top Lindy Hop instructors around the world and I'm going to share my experiences of some of my favorites with you.

I'll tell you the things they do well, the things they could improve, and I'll teach you one of my favorite things I learned in each course so you can get a taste of what they are like and decide which instructors you want to learn from.

There are some really awesome Lindy Hop instructors sharing some really helpful online dance instruction and I can't wait to share a little of them with you and help you move forward along your Lindy Hop journey.

Hop on the Tour

Take a tour of the online courses from some of the top Lindy Hop instructors in the world.

About Me


I'm  Boris

I've been learning from professional online teachers for over 8 years now and have experienced several different formats - some worked for me, some didn't. 

I'm going to be making my recommendations on who to learn from and why based on my experiences of these courses, as well as my experience teaching Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz to thousands of dancers from absolute beginners to advanced Lindy Hoppers.

I've loved dancing since I was a child and would like to share my ideas with you and help you have a more spectacular time on the dance floor.

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