How I changed my life in one year




What I did & How I changed

In my first blog post I want to inspire you, by sharing what I changed in my life, how it effected me and how I will carry on. 

You'll see what and how I changed my life in 2018. It was not planned, it kind of just happened/evolved. It was an amazing journey so far and I’m looking forward to the things to come! 

Read the full text below & click on a blue underlined topic to learn more. 


What I did / discovered: 
  • KonMari Method
  • Biohacking
  • Sleep better
  • Avoid blue light
  • Follow a strict morning routine
  • Wim Hof Method
  • Breath more consciously 
  • Meditation 
  • Yoga
  • Take daily cold showers
  • Take ice baths
  • Oil pulling
  • Drink more water
  • Drink even less alcohol 
  • Intermediate fasting
  • Bulletproof coffee 
  • No coffee after 3 pm
  • Earthing my bed
  • Moving more often
  • Be in nature more often
  • Walk barefooted / wear barefoot shoes
  • Working on not getting a hallux-valgus
  • Working to better my flat foot
  • Do more sports
  • Challenges each month
  • Deep Squats
  • Working on my handstand 
  •  Significantly decreased online time 
  • Read more books and inspiring articles
  • Listen to interesting podcasts and audio books
  • Learn new things every day
  • No TV
  • Avoid reading billboards, advertisements, headlines, news, ...
  • Focus on positive things
  • Be thankful 
  • Start journaling 
  • Take time for myself
  • Plant based diet
  • Changed from cow milk to alternatives 
  • Changed from wheat and wholemeal noodles as well as rice to alternatives 
  • Eat much less sugar and substitutes
  • Toilet stool
  • Less Plastic waste
  • Avoid micro plastic, palm oil, etc. in soaps, shampoo, etc. 
How I changed:
  • Feel happier
  • Feel stronger
  • Be healthy
  • Didn’t get sick a whole year!
  • Be calm
  • Be more focused 
  • Be more awake 
  • Have more energy 
  • Am grateful 
  • Can spread more love 
  • Increased self awareness 
  • Increased self confidence 
  • Lost weight / belly fat
  • Don’t have any bad pain from my slipped disk
  • Feel awake and fit after a meal instead of tired and full
  • Have less air in my stomach than before

Boris Naumann

Hi! - This is my first blog post I write for everybody, who’s interested. And the first one in English language. I’m a German native speaker, so thanks for your understanding, if anything is unclear, grammatically incorrect or misspelled. 

How my year began...

It more or less began by a big change in my daily job. The concern I work(ed) for, changed/reorganized and now had too much stuff/employees. So I was one of those people they had to get rid of. I survived several reorganization’s during the last 10 year, but now it was my time. The good news is, that they (had to) offer some options for those „abundant employees“ to make it „socially acceptable“. 

  1. I chose the option to be transferred into a so called „Employment and Qualification Company“, which provides a consultant, who helps you prepare finding a new job or to create your own business.
  2. Trainings, which I choose to go to, shall be payed by this company.
  3. They can support me up to 3 years (if I don’t find a new job earlier or get enough money from my own business before those 3 years)
  4. As long as I’m in this company I still get my monthly salary as before.
  5. I just have to go to the office twice a month - for my personal consultations.
This all started officially on 01.01.2018

What I do since then: 

Focus on
  • What I want/reach/do/become in my life
  • What I want to do for living 
  • Become and stay healthy 
  • Get rid of negative thoughts and emotions 
  • Become a better self 

How I started

Maybe you know that from yourself, if you’ve got some spare time, have a longer time off, or something dramatically changed in your life - I cleaned up my flat and cellar. I got rid of lots of stuff/clutter! That was already a great step to clean up my thoughts as well.
In addition I listened to the audio book of Marie Kando (<-- german) and since then I apply the KonMari Methode. My closet looks way more organized ever since! Actually I’m not completely done yet, 2 rooms still have to be reorganized, but at least I already cleared them from a lot of clutter. 


Then I somehow heard about this „magical word“ biohacking. So I started creating my own morning routine (<-- german). First I just copied one and then I adjusted it to my own needs. It developed a bit through the year. 

Right now my personal morning routine looks like that: 
  • Wake up around 7am
  • Do some gratitude in bed
  • Make my bed
  • Open the windows
  • Toilet 
  • Cleaning my tongue with a tongue cleaner
  • Oil pulling with coconut oil
    • While I do that: Preparing breakfast (Muesli)
      • Cutting fresh fruits & vegetables 
      • Adding lots of different nuts, seeds & berries
      • Adding different organic grains (soy, rye, spelt,...)
  • Brushing my teeth 
  • Drink a glass of water 
  • Close the windows
  • Wim Hof Methode (Part 1)
    • Deep Breathing 
    • Push-ups without air in the lungs 
    • Yoga/stretching 
    • Meditation 
  • Adding a milk alternative to my muesli 
  • Eating my muesli, drinking green tea
  • Meanwhile: Listening to an educational podcast or audio book 
  • After breakfast (around 10 o’clock) I normally start my exercises (dance practice) till around 12 o’clock.
  • Then I either do things to develop my self-employment or before that I go buying groceries.
  • From 1pm (till 10pm) I’m reachable via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, email and other social media channels. Hence I’m offline 15h of the day. That way I’m more focused on the important things in my life, but also focused when I’m working at online stuff. Distractions decrease tremendously. 
  • Wim Hof Methode (Part 2)
    • I take daily cold showers
    • Sometimes ice baths
    • I go for walks in a T-shirt and shorts. Also under 10 degrees Celsius (-> to every temperature) - I also take the shirt off to intensify the cold experience. 
At normal days I stick to all habits above until 10am strictly. After 10 o'clock it becomes a bit more flexible. Depending on priorities, appointments or current challenges I set for myself (see below - under "body").

Talking about biohacking let’s shortly talk about the other stuff I added during this year:
  • Track my sleeping habits 
  • Set warmer light to my electronic devices (avoid blue light) as soon as it’s getting dark.
  • I don’t drink coffee after 3pm to increase my sleep quality 
  • By doing the WimHofMethode I also breath more consciously during the day. Deeply into my stomach. Not just, when I do the breathing exercises, but also, when I think about it. 
  • Intermediate fasting
  • Earthing
  • Eliminated watching news
    • I don’t watch TV
    • Don’t listen to radio
    • I don’t read newspapers 
    • Avoid reading billboards, advertisements, headlines, ...
    • I don’t talk about/listen to negative topics - or try to see it from a positive perspective 
    • Try to avoid negative talking 
    • I focus on positive and inspirational topics 
    • „Defriended“ or „disliked“ negative people and news on Social Media 
    • Added positive news and motivational pages 

I love this interesting blog post about how this guy changed his life in just one year! The biohacking part alone is so inspiring - read this! 

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Then I wanted to work on a healthy body. So I registered at a fitness center around the corner, where I did my rehab sports before because of my slipped disk. I increased my endurance, my core stability and balance. After a time educated myself also in stretching, so I became a bit more flexible as well.

During that time I read a lot about forefoot walking. That’s when I bought barefoot shoes and even produced my own self-made barefoot sandals („Huaraches“). I walked barefooted more often (that was during summer), but still, I received strange views from passengers. I trained and got in the habit of the forefoot strike. But I had my problems due to my flat feet and/caused by weak muscles. So I quit the forefoot strike and focused on training the muscles in my feet to get rid of pain and my foot orthotics. I’m still working on that.
In addition to that I bought myself a pair of „correct toes“, which help lining up the toes and avoid getting a bunion (e.g. hallux valgus). I try to wear it as often as possible. 

I also set myself monthly challenges.
This more or less came naturally and unplanned. But I saw, that it is a great way of motivation and getting sh*t done. So I’ll continue that in future.

For example one thing was to be able to do deep squats. At the beginning I couldn’t even stay in this position for a second. I was always falling in my butt. After constant training I was able to sit relaxed in this position. A few days ago when I was waiting for my tram at night I even almost slept in this position! What?! 

Another challenge was to learn the handstand. Although I had to pause/quit the training because of pain in several parts of my body, I want to start over again in 2019!


With the healthy body came the healthy diet. So I started by preparing my own smoothies in all sorts & colors. I added changing the type of noodles I eat and milk I drink. Then I discovered more and more interesting healthy food, which is amazingly tasty. I also tried out eating gluten free and this also was good my digestive system.

When I listened to the audio book „China Study“ and I was convinced to eat plant based.

Besides that I automatically stopped using any types of sugar or sugar substitutes. I feel like I don’t need it anymore. I used to eat very sweet in the past, but don’t put extra sugar into meals or drinks anymore.
Also: I do drink more water, less fruit juices and even less alcohol.

When I listened to more audio books and saw some films about healthy food and veganism, I more and more see myself going this direction.

Today I say, that I don’t want to eat any animal products anymore (maybe with the exception of insects). I also want to be aware of what I’m wearing, and about other things in life, which I can avoid using /buying/paying for where animals had to suffer (like e.g. leather seats in cars, ...). Although this is still challenging for me. But I’m sure I’ll be more aware of that in future, as I’ll switch my focus on that right now.

By the way: regarding this healthy way of eating I started my digestion in a great mood. So to end it in a good mood as well I am using a toilet stool now and am happy ever since!  😉


With that healthy lifestyle came the environmental focus, like the avoidance of (microplastic and palm oil.

I started by not using plastic bags in super markets anymore.
Then I didn’t want to have micro plastics in my toiletries. So I got the App „CodeCheck“ to check, which shampoo or soap I could still buy. There was amazingly few options left... but I found some. And they are getting more and more, luckily. Surprisingly the ones which said „vegan“, where not always plastic or palm oil free. So those didn’t make it into my shopping cart.

After getting rid of all those plastic and palm oil stuffed products I wanted to know, if there is also a substitute product for toothbrushes. I bought a bamboo toothbrush for travels and I found a solution for my electric toothbrush as well. It felt a bit strange in my mouth first, but now I use those daily.

Brain & Mind

I want to constantly learn new things. That even became more obsessive since this year. I listen to a lot of educational podcasts and audiobooks. I watch interesting documentaries and read books, articles and blog posts, that interest me. I feel so inspired by that and can’t wait to learn more by reading, listening and watching more and more! I’m so hungry!

To not get overwhelmed and to balance all that, I meditate (daily, if possible), go for walks in the nature (in shorts and t-shirt, sometimes barefooted), move more often (yoga, dancing, walks), take time for myself and started journaling.

I try to do gratitude journals as often as possible and to develop this as a habit for my evening routine. I’m still working on that today, but I already realized, that it helps a lot to structure my thoughts and helps focusing on positive things

Uh! This post is so inspiring! This dude improved his health, body, brain & mind in just a year. He even finds time to save the environment! 

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What changed

So I did a lot, but what are the benefits now?
What changed in my life?
Do I feel better? 


All those things mentioned above led to the following:

I feel happier, stronger and healthy!
In the last 20 or 30 years I became sick regularly. I had common colds and the flu more than once a year. In 2018 I had non of these!
I didn’t get sick a whole year! Nothing. Not even a sniff or headache.

And it wasn’t intended, but I lost weight and even belly fat, which didn’t want to disappear since decades! I am relaxed, calm, at ease and in peace with myself. I am grateful.
And being that I am starting to spread more love to the ones around me. Family and friends. Even strangers.
I have more energy, be more focused, feel awake and fit.
Also after a meal instead of feeling tired and full. I have less air in my stomach than before.
I don’t have any bad pain from my slipped disk.
And with all that I increased self awareness and self confidence.

So tell me - How can I not feel great ?!

What's Next ?!

Good question! Well, I’ll definitely continue with all those great new habits! I’ll do my morning routine daily (if possible). I’ll focus on being strict on my evening routine. I’ll educate more via e-/audio books, podcasts etc. I’ll challenge myself to become better every day!

I put some new quick-changeable poster clips into my flat to change motivational quotes on a regular basis. I’ll create some mantras for myself and practice visualizations. I’ll do everything which is in my power to keep going where ever I want! I’ve got the power and willingness to reach whichever goal I set!

Next challenge is the ultimate WimHof Challenge! I’ll meet Wim in Poland mid of January. We’ll do a group training for one week. We’ll do some barefoot walks in the snow, cold showers, ice baths in nature and meditation. At the end of the week we’ll climb a snowy mountain just in shorts and shoes. It'll be about -10 till -15 degrees Celsius.
I’m excited and looking forward to expend my comfort zone!

Also I'll focus on a zero waste lifestyle. I'm curious how far I can go. 

Let’s see what 2019 has for me in addition! I AM READY !!!

Climbing an iced mountain just in shorts! This guy is insane! - Read this! So inspiring. 

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I love that all topics, I never heard of, are linked to get more info! Great Text! - Read this! So inspiring. 

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    • great to see this, Boris 🙂
      thanks for everything you did for me in the past …. you have always been great human being.
      I wont ever forget you!

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