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My Wim Hof experience in Poland 2019

All Photos by Anna Gondek Grodkiewicz, Lex Molenaar, official Wim Hoff Instructors and myself

I was in Poland with WIM HOF - the "Iceman"! ...

As many of you asked to share my experiences of the Wim Hof Winter Expedition in Poland, I decided to write another blog post. 

First of all: it was an amazing experience and totally worth the money!
If you wonder to go there: GO THERE! 

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How I changed my life in one year

What I did & How I changed

In my first blog post I want to inspire you, by sharing what I changed in my life, how it effected me and how I will carry on. 

You'll see what and how I changed my life in 2018. It was not planned, it kind of just happened/evolved. It was an amazing journey so far and I’m looking forward to the things to come! 

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